Money Troubles

Money Troubles

1Money has been tight for a while now.  I’ve been focusing all my time and energy on my craft.  Julie is a nurse so she works at the hospital during the day.  With me not working it has been putting a strain on our financial situation and our relationship.

When I travel to my shows, I do so using our money. The money I get from the shows doesn’t really cover the travel expenses, but I need to get exposure.

The time we have put in has paid off, I signed a deal with a recording studio today!

This news means so much to us.  Things are finally starting to look up.  We are going to make it.  You should have seen Julie’s face when I told her, she was jumping up and down, she’s adorable. [Read more…]

My Life

My Life

guitarsWhen I was 19 I got married to a beautiful girl named Ann.  Were we too young? Yes, probably, but that didn’t stop us from loving each other.  I took a job as a ranch hand and she became pregnant.  We worked out a deal with my boss and we lived on the ranch in a little shack.

She gave birth to our daughter, Sarah. We had such a beautiful and simple life.  Ann would take care of Sarah during the day while I was working. At night we would all gather around a fire with the rest of the ranch hands and their families, and I would play my guitar and we’d all sing along until we were all too exhausted to stay awake any longer.

It was a great community.  We couldn’t have asked for anything more.  When Sarah was about 4 she and Ann took a car to the nearest town to pick up some food.  On the way there they were ran off the road and they both died.  It was the hardest time in my life.  My beautiful wife and daughter were just gone.

I became a shell of a man.  I had lost everything in an instant.  I didn’t even get a chance to tell them that I loved them. [Read more…]

I Found New Inspiration in Netflix Documentaries

I Found New Inspiration in Netflix Documentaries

How to watch Netflix overseas

The road to making it big in country music is a tough haul. These days, I feel like I’ve run into more setbacks than I’ve seen steps forward. Sometimes it’s all I can manage just not to hang up my hat and call it a day.

Hearing the stories of other musicians’ successes and struggles has always been a salve for my doubt, though. Using this site, I was able to start watching Netflix on my computer at home earlier this week, and I found myself browsing some documentaries and concert footage in the Music category. The tales of my fellow artists touched my heart and gave me a stronger resolve to keep going.

The first film that caught my eye was a documentary on the famous Muscle Shoals, a sound studio in Sheffield, Alabama, USA. Some of the most successful folk and country musicians in the whole world have recorded there. I mean, Willie Nelson, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan… It’s music history, and I’d give my good left hand to record there. Well, maybe not. That’s my fretboard hand!

And I watched the tale of Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, a famous folk guitarist and contemporary of Woody Guthrie – that guy’s had one hell of a life. I could even relate to the stories about musicians I don’t really listen to, and draw inspiration from their climb up the ladder in this tough industry.

I even sat through that one about Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Even though I’ve never been a huge fan of Neil’s work, I have to admire the fact that he’s still up and around, making music.

So I got to thinking… what am I so down and depressed about? I’ve got my hands, my heart, and my gat. I’ve got a whole country music career in front of me, as long as I’m willing to put my axe to the grindstone, dig in and get the work done. And I’m going to get it done; you can put your money on that.

Late the other night, I wrote three new songs about all the thought I’ve been working through lately. I haven’t written much in awhile, but new art comes when it comes and you just got to roll with it. They’re still rough, but I’m planning to put ‘em out there soon and see what people think. It can’t hurt.

Maybe I’ll try my latest hand an open mic night at a saloon the next town over. If all goes well, maybe the guitar and I will hit the road for a little local counties tour and test the waters. Maybe this will be that big step forward I’ve been waiting for.

I’m Growing a Beard

I’m Growing a Beard

beard oilDo you know what I think I’m missing?  I’m missing a beard.  I think the Australian country music scene is missing critical facial hair.  Sure Keith Urban has a bit of scruff, but it’s nothing like what I’m planning.

I want a huge wooly beard. Something that screams, “I am a man who refuses to buy razors!” I think that it will set me apart from the rest of the country music community.

One odd thing about my facial hair is that it grows in red.  It is so crazy.  My hair color is naturally blonde so when my facial hair grows in everyone thinks that I’ve died my hair.

Julie is not too excited about this whole beard thing. She’s afraid that it’s going to make me look unprofessional.  She knows that I’m not the neatest eater so I think she’s worried about me getting my lunch in it.

I admit that the thought of my beard harbouring food particles does make me a bit queasy, but I found a guide on Web MD on how to take care of your beard so I’m sure I can keep it up. I let Julie read the guide and she said that as long as I keep it well groomed, she probably won’t mind it…too much.

Web MD says that you should style the beard at first.  You should wait until you have about one to one and a half inches of growth before you start to shape it. The article also suggests that I should grow the beard for two to three months and if it isn’t growing in correctly that I should just give up because not everyone has the genetics for glorious facial hair.

The article says that I need to wash and shampoo my beard.  I should leave in a conditioning product like beard oil from Beardbrand. Beard oil helps condition beards and improve its health and appearance.  Beardbrand has five different scents of beard oil.  I think I’m going to try Four Vices scent first.  It says it gives your beard a manly scent.

After my beard has grown out and I’ve been able to shape it, Web MD says that I should trim it ever two months to avoid split ends.  My birthday is coming up and I’m going to ask Julie for special beard scissors and comb.

Oddly, the article says that studies have found that men who have beards that get more sleep have quicker beard growth.  I guess that’s as good of an excuse as any to sleep in more.